Chaos All Stars: Legacy
[CD EP October 23, 2014, Epos Music + online release]

1 Legacy
2 Bloodline
3 Watch Me Burn
4 Epic (2014)

Chaos All Stars: I Need It All
[CD February 24, 2012, Epos Music + online release]

1 Volcano
2 The Iron Sky
3 We Are The Sinners
4 Defenses
5 Revelation (Not Yours)
6 I Need It All
7 Forget Them

Bonus tracks:
8 World Raid (The Overlords cover)
9 Volcano (remixed by Independent State/Khybermensch)
10 We Are The Sinners (remixed by Psy’Aviah)
11 The Iron Sky (remixed by Ninedee)
12 Volcano (remixed by Ad Inferna)
13 The Iron Sky (Rusty Ground Mix by Morlocks)

Chaos All Stars / Ninedee: CAS9D
[Split 12″ vinyl – also featuring Ninedee. Released October 4, 2011 and + online release available]

Side C:/
Chaos All Stars
1 The Contract (featuring Kya Wolfwritten)
2 Volcano (Remixed by Ninedee)
3 Influx (Autumn Light Festival Version)

Side N:/
1 Lies
2 Consumed (Remixed by Chaos All Stars)
3 Mental


Chaos All Stars: I Need It All – Addendum
[Album, February 24, 2013, Epos Music]

1 Who Are You
2 Autumn Nights
3 Forsaken
4 Defenses (Video version)
5 We Are The Sinners (Naggaroth Mix)
6 We Are The Sinners (Sande Remix)

Neverending Coverage
[An ever-lasting cover album that has no end!]

Tracks so far:
1 Enjoy The silence
2 Military Fashion Show
3 First We Take Manhattan

The track list online is ever expanding…

Soundcloud releases
Thorns [2011], Autumn Nights [2011], Let There Be Light [2011],  The Iron Sky [2012], Dismantled – Disease (Remixed by Chaos All Stars)

Echolize releases
Let There Be Light (radio edit), Thorns, Generation G (X-time remix), Ultrasonic [online single releases at Echolize.com distribution 2010-2011 – no longer available]

Bandcamp releases
I Need It All, I Need It All – Addendum, Legacy


ElectriXmas – Track: demo version of We Are The Sinners [released online to visitors of the ElectriXmas festival 2010] december 2010

Face The Beat – Track: Forget Them (featuring Kari Berg) [released online via Side-Line magazine] july 4, 2011

Swedish Electro – Track: The Iron Sky [released online by Swedish Electro Scene] jan 5 2013

Absolute Grrrrls Manifesto – Track: We Are The Sinners [4CD box released by Alfa Matrix] feb? 2013

Mixat – Track: The Iron Sky [CD in ltd edition 500 copies by KF Kretsen] 2013

Wicked Trax – Xperiment XIII – Track: Who Are You? [online compilation] september 20, 2013

Swedish Electro vol 2 – Track: 1997 (2013 edit) [released online by Swedish Electro Scene] dec 15 2013

Swedish Electro vol 3 – Track: The Iron Sky (Extended Take) [released online by Swedish Electro Scene] dec 5 2015

Mixat – Track: Legacy [CD in ltd edition 500 copies by KF Kretsen] 2016

Electronic Bodies – Session 1  – Track 1997 (2023) [online release by Side-Line Sept 1, 2023]


Psy’Aviah – Something Evil [winner of PsyAviah remix contest, released on the album “Introspection / Extrospection” 2011 on Alfa Matrix]

Ninedee – Consumed [released on CAS9D and in 2011 via echolize.com]

Ad Inferna – Sex Spell [released as bonus for the Ad Inferna album “There Is No Cure” 2011 on Nilaihah Records]

Acylum – Your Pain 2.0 [released for free download via Soundcloud]

Dismantled – Disease [soundcloud 2011]

Trakktor – Blitzkrieg Galaxy [single release february 2012]

Ad Inferna – Revelation 17 (Prophecy Mix by Chaos All Stars) [From Ultimum Omnium – The Black Edition 2012 on DSM Music]

Monospore – New World Order (Chaos All Stars Remix) [from the Reworked CD 2014]

Psy’Aviah featuring Ellia Bisker – Aftermath (Chaos All Stars remix) [from the album “Lightflare” 2018]

Psy’Aviah – Something Evil [remix of the track from the album “Introspection/Extrospection”] 2011

The Contract (featuring Kya Wolfwritten) 2011

Autumn Nights 2011

Enjoy The Silence [from Neverending Coverage] 2011

I Need It All [from “I Need It All”] 2012

Defenses [from “I Need It All”] 2012

First We Take manhattan [from Neverending Coverage] 2015

You Can’t Be Me (featuring Asperger Synthdrome, Victoria Lovelace and Ami) [from RTSIs “Till alla er..”] 2016

Aftermath by Psy’Aviah, featuring Ellia Bisker [from “Lightflare”] 2018